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Unless I've totes effed the release date, another 10 songs from Farewell Horizontal, titled "An Argument With An Idiot" should be listenable tomorrow.

Track 1, "Freud's Shit Nephew", is my favourite - and I've just realised that it's a similar choice of opener to The Smiths' "The Queen Is Dead" because it's fast and goes for ages. (That link there is for Derek Jarman's shit-hot music video/short film of the song.)

Friends have said this album's better than the last one ("Avoiding The Void"), albeit having more of an uneven, compilation-like feel (as opposed to feeling like a cohesive album). I'm okay with that. [FYI, this band was originally just gonna make 1x 200+ song album where you'd be forced to shuffle a different set of ~10 songs each time you listened. This method proved too app-based and complex, and recording, mixing and mastering 200+ songs at once seemed like a depressing chore.] It's the same sort of music, I'd say I've got a little more confident experimenting production-wise - like a shitty digital George Martin getting shit all over his digits.

"An Argument With An Idiot" was nearly finished by the time "Avoiding The Void" was 'released' (meaning re-released: we put it out in May 2020 under the band name "Methuselah" - which seemed cool and Nirvana-ish at first but very quickly felt like we should be a Biblically-themed hard rock band. So we changed it to Farewell Horizontal. True story!). The COVID death toll was piling up and the atmosphere was one of cabin fever/isolation/sadness/worry. I can't really separate the social climate from the recordings, but I think it shows.

Go click on our "EPK" page if you wanna read the proper press blurb for this album, it's got more useful information than this post does.


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