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EPK (as in an Electronic Press Kit)


Farewell Horizontal are Pat Walker (songwriter, singer, most instruments) and Lauren Lime (drums, some singing). The Melbourne duo home-record and self-release lo-fi indie rock albums, keeping it prolific and DIY and drawing inspiration from a wide cross-section of rock/alternative/pop history.


“Tales of Woah”, the fourth album from lo-fi indie rock duo Farewell Horizontal, contains ten songs about existential crises, old computer games, cynicism, voyeur landlords, sellouts, having a cold in summer, the struggles of the DIY artist, and arseholes who live by the sea. Though the sound remains largely consistent with each release, this album sees a fair bit of Pat singing with an acoustic guitar and drummer Lauren singing vocal harmonies.

Formed in Naarm/Melbourne Australia in 2020, their previous album “You’re Not an Empath” got 4.5 stars from The Doesn’t Suck and was a White Light White Heat pick of the week, and their other 2021 album, “An Argument with An Idiot” was similarly acclaimed, and was Radio Adelaide’s album of the week.

Fuzz-laden pop rock, coursed with jangled riffs and a laconic late 80s indie-pop flutter. Farewell Horizontal are the latest act to cement Melbourne’s reputation as “jangle central”. - Janglepophub

I’ve been jamming a lot of Farewell Horizontal as of late, and I feel like you should too. Their songs are just pure, unfettered no-frills pop rock. They’ve got these huge riffs that have just the right amount of distortion, but not outlandish enough to lose sight of the song. - Austin Town Hall


"A diverse record musically, full of wry humour lyrically… An instant favourite, this record feels like a grower." - Add to Wantlist


“Farewell Horizontal pack a lot of power into their raw sound. It is clear that these two have an eclectic taste and their wide range of influences subconsciously come through in their own compositions. Punk, grunge, glam, power pop, garage, psych, they know what’s good and therefore know how to really make the goods. The music has heart with intellect and humor graciously peppered in." - American Pancake


"Pat and Lauren just keep churning out these treats of guitar pop that you will spin on repeat all day. A clash of the perfect musical titans, power-pop from Europe battling with the classic Oceanic guitar sound." ­- Austin Town Hall

“Indie rock that can range in almost Sebadoh or Pavement territories, but which also manages to reveal incredibly melodic and jangling sides” - Polaroid


Featured by Janglepophub, Polaroid blog, Come Here Floyd, Austin Town Hall,, Last Day Deaf, lo-fi indie bedroompop, We Love Lo-fi Music, The New LoFi, kid with a vinyl and Clunk Magazine.


"Just when you think you have the Melbourne scene pigeonholed, Farewell Horizontal offers a glimpse at just how incredible the music is in that city. Music you never want to end" - Austin Town Hall

"Brooding, succinct, bright, and always attached to a thinking vibe... We all need more of Farewell Horizontal" - Come Here Floyd

Our songs have also been featured by, Last Day Deaflo-fi indie bedroompopWe Love Lo-fi MusicThe New LoFikid with a vinyl and Clunk Magazine.  Radio Adelaide Album of the Week/13th most played artist, February 2021.  Featured in PBS FM’s “Top tracks we’re loving” playlist, The Doesn’t Suck’s Top 10 albums of the month, and included in both Janglepophub and White Light White Heat’s best of new releases.


Pat (songwriter, singer, most instruments) and Lauren (drums, some singing) home-record and self-release lo-fi indie rock albums, keeping it prolific and DIY and drawing inspiration from a wide cross-section of rock/alternative/pop history. 


(written for 1st album, but still true)

Music made to stay sane in isolation since 2012.

I was in a few bands in my early 20s that probably very few people will remember now.  Then I suddenly got a mysterious disease (cause unknown) that nearly killed me.  I couldn’t slow my heart down or get enough oxygen when I breathed.  I basically just had to sit still and try to relax - for the next seven years.*


In a scenario that has recently become familiar to many, I was stuck at home with time to kill, so I just wrote and recorded songs to keep myself sane.  A formula emerged: pretty melodies riding a wall of distortion, with bleak, escapist lyrics that would illustrate life’s seemingly random blend of hilarity and misery.  It helped me make sense of my situation.  The songs came easily, and I wrote hundreds.


I wanted to perform live while I still could, so my ‘leave the house’ activity at this time was to form the band Ohms in 2013, which became Gnohms in 2016.  We quit in 2017 due to my health issues.  We’d released about 50 songs in 5 years - not bad, but barely scraping the surface.  In 2018, Lauren Lime (drums) sporadically started coming over and recording drums for hundreds more, in case I ever got well enough to do anything with them.


And I did!  Last year, I was given a lung transplant.  This doesn't cure everyone, so I am amazed to be alive right now.  I can sing and play guitar.  Finally, I can stop relaxing!


We aim to put out another album every time we have 10 good songs ready, and have put out two so far.


- Pat Walker, songs/vocals/instruments apart from drums, Farewell Horizontal


* This bio relates the music to my medical issues because that is its true context.  It’s not a plea for sympathy.  My disabled years weren’t that bad.  Plenty of people have been through far worse.

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